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Resu-Wrecked Heron

The ‘Resu-Wrecked Heron’ Ladies’ Bar and an a la- Carte Restaurant are situated on 500m of private beach. The outlook onto the beach and sea while wining and dining is absolutely panoramic. Sip cocktails seated around a unique bar boat named the “Heron”. Cheer your team on during live DSTV Sports’ matches. Enjoy sitting at a beach bonfire or dance to live entertainment on Saturday nights while your children are supervised and excitedly ‘crab counting’ on the beach by torchlight.

The Heron’s History

Built in 1957 in Knysna by Louw and Halvorsen, a boat called the “Heron” was launched in Cape town. Some 50 years later she would be moored, painted blue and abandoned at the Durban Bluff Yacht Club. Her days of glory as an SAR & H ferry boat carrying workers to and from the Coal Terminal and occasional fishermen were over.

She has been cast aside and disinherited!

By pure chance, we found her and decided to create something different in our restaurant. The excitement grew as the low bed trailer brought this gigantic bird of a 5.7 tons of rare Burmese Teal, copper keel, brass & copper nails and bolts and a phosferro bronze rudder and propeller, to her nest. She was hoisted, hauled, hoisted again, face-lifted and restored close to her former beauty, cosmetically aligned and finally given a new home and identity – the ‘Wrecked Heron’ Ladies Bar & Restaurant!

Now she delights her guests with pints of cold draught and cool summer cocktails ably served by Bar Officers. Occasionally she shudders and creaks when she hears the comment: “I got wrecked at the Heron!”

However, she made her next door neighbour look shabby by comparison, so the restaurant too, went under the same ship’s doctor’s knife. Both are now under the able Captaincy of Fred Dlamini. We are proud to have a flotilla of pleasant and efficient waitrons to serve you. Behind the porthole, is a very willing and able Gallery Crew.

Our entire staff are always pleased to welcome new diners – We value our new customers just as much as we do our longstanding customers.
Bon Appetit! Eet Lekker! Udle Kahle!

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